Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Cooperative Procurement Success Stories

There are a number of successful examples of the use of procurement in other branches, in particular energy-efficient products. Some examples are:

Replacement of Incandescent Lamp - Future Bulb
The main goal was to develop a bulb that was 30% more efficient than normal GLS lamps.

IEA-DSM Dryer Promotion Competition
In a Dryer Promotion Competition, a 50% energy reduction on household electric tumble dryers was the goal. Novem, on behalf of IEA-DSM Annex III, arranged the competition.

Vending Machines
The idea was to describe the opportunities for energy reduction.

Copier of the Future
Low-energy standby mode and total energy consumption reduction on 75% for medium-speed copiers.

Consumer Electronics: Energy Efficient TV-sets, Decoders etc.
Reduction of electricity consumption by procurement or other more informative actions supporting other ongoing projects.

IEA Hi-Motors Competition
The goal was an increased efficiency from 25-50% compared to average motors and a price and performance level guaranteeing a long-lasting significant market share.

LED Traffic Light
In this project the goal was reduce energy by 80-90% and a payback time of 1-3 years.


These documents provide more details on the procurement process and on some of the above examples.