Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Project (Task) Description

Experience has shown that coordinated, large-scale international purchasing improves the competitiveness of emerging technologies; the same is true for bulk purchasing by single companies.

Cooperative procurement through leading, future-oriented buyer groups enables a scale up of market development of new technologies. This is due to economy of scale and effective quality control. Improved cost-benefit ratio’s and improved quality facilitate the acceptance and dissemination of new technologies.

The aim of the cooperative procurement efforts of IEA Task 24 was to create a sustainable, enlarged market for active solar heating systems by encouraging coordinated large-scale purchasing. The objectives were to reduce marketing, distribution and hardware costs, as well as to improve system performance.

Encouraging international trade of solar water heating systems is a key factor for solar heating market development. Reducing market barriers and establishing international quality standards are also key factors to facilitate growth of the solar industry, both domestically and internationally.