Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Project (Task) Outcomes


Many buyer group approaches have been developed:

  • Local approaches appear to work best
    • Sustainable market approaches like the “Call the Sun” concept have been developed.
    • Contracts for approximately 4,200 systems were signed, 3,785 of which were installed.
  • A cost reduction of 7-30% was achieved External influences, like the abolition of the Danish subsidies, appeared to be important for the results of the Subtask.
  • There has been a lot of synergy between the participating countries.
  • The Subtask was followed up and the projects running were continued after the end of the Task. Task results were used in the “Soltherm Europe Initiative” project.


  • Task 24 website including the Task 24 manual “Book of Tools/Business Tools”.
  • Brochure and background report (published at the beginning of the Task)
    • “Large Scale Solar Purchasing – A Business Opportunity”.
    • “Opportunities for Large-Scale Purchase of Active Solar Systems”.
  • Evaluation reports of the 1st Round.
  • 6 Newsletters.

This website together with a number of reports and materials that can be downloaded from the “Downloads and references” section of this site describe in detail the results of the IEA task 24.