Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Buyer Groups

Buyer Groups GraphicOrganizations benefited from participating in a solar heating buyer group. As a buyer or representative of a group of buyers they profited from the experiences of all who participated in IEA Task 24 and learned from the experience of past buyers groups (see Projects). Buyer groups obtained lower cost solar heating systems; up to a 20% reduction has been achieved. They improved their green image by contributing to CO2 reductions and by reducing conventional energy consumption.

There were basically two types of buyers. Complementary-product based buyers who market solar water heating systems as part of a larger product offering (e.g. standard water heater, new home) to their existing customers. Sole-product based buyers market only solar water heating systems in a campaign and often target the general public.

There are a wide variety of buyer types, including: