Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Individual/Internet Based Buyer Groups

It is possible to form buyer groups with individual buyers with no common relation.

In the Swedish project solupphandling, which was performed in collaboration with local energy advisers, a large number of individuals signed up for a solar heating system.

In Denmark a buyer group was established via the Web site www.soltilbud.dk (archived). The set-up improved price competition and lead to substantial lower prices on solar water heaters.


Project 2 www.soltilbud.dk
(archived) Internet sales project
Project 3 Call The Sun Campaign
Existing Dwellings
Project 9 Solupphandling (pdf) Swedish
Solupphandling (pdf)

Case Studies

Case 2 Sun and Wood - a buyer association
Case 5 Large scale sales to private individuals/Leiden
Case 6 Large scale sales to private individuals/Utrecht