Task 24
Task 24
SHC Task 24

Active Solar Procurement

Project (Task) Related Sites

The following are sites related to this task:

International Links
CADDET Centre for Renewable Energy www.caddet-re.org
IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme www.iea-shc.org
International Energy Agency www.iea.org
International Solar Energy Society www.ises.org
European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) www.estif.org
Soltherm www.soltherm.org
Canadian Renewable Energy Network www.canren.gc.ca ( July 2000)
Canadian Solar Industries Association (CSIA) www.cansia.ca 
Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative (REDI) Programme www.nrcan.gc.ca/es/erb/reed
Solar Energy Society of Canada (SESCI) www.solarenergysociety.ca 
EnerACT www.eneract.org
Peterborough Green-Up www.greenup.on.ca
Solar Energy Centre Denmark www.solarenergycentre.com
Alt Om Solvarme www.altomsolvarme.dk 
Solenerginyt www.solenergi.dk
SolTilbud www.soltilbud.dk (archived)
Zonnewarmte - site for professionals in solar thermal www.zonnewarmte.nl
PV in the Netherlands www.zon-pv.nl
Holland Solar www.hollandsolar.nl
Ecostream www.ecostream.nl
Ecofys www.ecofys.com
Swedish Council for Building Research www.solupphandling.formas.se
Swedish National Energy Administration www.stem.se
Swedish Solar Procurement Projects www.solupphandling.formas.se
Energy 2000 Action Program www.energie2000.ch
Center for Ecological Studies and Techniques www.oekozentrum.ch
Swiss Agency for Renewable Energy www.aee.ch
Swiss Association for Wood Energy www.vhe.ch
Swiss Association of Solar Manufacturers www.sofas.ch
Swiss Federal Office of Energy www.admin.ch/bfe
Swiss Solar Society www.sses.ch
Swiss Solar Group www.swissolar.ch
Swiss Test and Research Solar Institute www.solarenergy.ch
Website for Energy purposes (contains many links) www.energie.ch
Webside of the Energy Votes in September 2000 www.osolemio.ch